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Snake Spring

State-of-the-Art Spring Technology

This new, state-of-the-art Snake Spring Technology developed by Hendrickson provides durability, weight savings and reduced costs. Enhanced spring performance, compared to the traditional 2 or 3 leaf spring package by using only one leaf.


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Hendrickson’s innovative Snake Spring Technology is based on the combination of horizontal and vertical axis inputs built into a single leaf Snake Spring System.

  •  Progressive spring rate – customised to the application
  •  A single leaf design provides improved comfort at a reduced load without compromising stability in a laden state
  •  20 percent weight reduction compared to a traditional multi-leaf package
  •  Fewer, lighter parts provide the same characteristics as traditional multi-leaf springs
  •  Snake spring technology and the progressive spring rate that is associated with this design may allow for a smaller stabiliser or in some cases may eliminate the stabiliser.
  •  Single-leaf design reduces cost

 The advantages are clear – reducing spring leaves reduces weight without compromising performance or durability. Hendrickson’s Snake Spring Technology – durable, flexible stress resistant and cost efficient — Innovation Built-In.