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Integrated Front Air Suspension and Steer Axle System

AIRTEK’s superior design and engineering improves roll stability versus standard suspensions. Its exclusive air springs support a majority of the load, greatly increasing driver comfort. Premium rubber bushings are incorporated to aid in the isolation of noise, vibration and harshness, which helps protect valuable cab components and contributes to AIRTEK’s exceptional ride quality. AIRTEK assists in protecting drivers
from bumps and potholes, providing a premium ride while maintaining constant ride height.

The AIRTEK suspension, combined with Hendrickson’s STEERTEK NXT fabricated axle, is up to 44Kg lighter than traditional forged axle and steel springs designed to improve load capacity and help enhance fuel efficiency.


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Improved Ride and Comfort

  • Exclusive air springs support a majority of the load to provide a low spring rate and to improve ride*

Reduced Maintenance

  • Unique two-piece knuckle design eliminates the need to remove the kingpin to service the knuckle
  • Durable rubber front and rear bushings require no lubrication
  • Premium kingpin bushings and seals provide enhanced protection from the elements to improve bushing life
  • Quick “snap” installation feature of air spring and “push-to-connect” air supply design provides efficient installation and removal of air springs and height control valves

Stability and Handling

  • Leaf spring assembly forms a torsion system with the axle to increase roll stability*

Weight Savings up to 44Kg

  • AIRTEK’s unique design provides significant weight savings compared to a traditional forged axle and steel springs

Brake Compatibility

  • Compatible with drum or disc brakes


  • The box-shaped cross section resists horizontal, vertical and twisting forces more effectively than traditional I-beam axles
  • Continuous beam architecture minimises stress points for added durability
  • Integrated axle seats to improve ground clearance, reduce part count and simplify assembly
  • STEERTEK NXT comes with a standard 10-year, 1 million mile limited warranty ▲

▲ 10-year, 1.6 million kilometers limited warranty covers certain structural components only. Warranty coverage applies to the axle beam, steering arm, knuckle assembly
and kingpin when used in applications approved by Hendrickson and within the proper guidelines of the product. Warranty does not cover components experiencing
normal wear. Contact Hendrickson for full warranty details and limitations.
* Compared to two-leaf spring suspensions