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Bus Drive Axle Air Suspension

Hendrickson's COMFORTLINER™ is a premium drive axle air suspension ideal for transit and coach bus applications. Based on a system design proven in heavy-duty applications around the world, COMFORTLINER features an integrated U-beam assembly and V-rod control arms that combined together create exceptional roll stability while providing predictable handling. Large volume air springs and premium shocks adjust to variations in road conditions to deliver exceptional ride quality and performance.


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Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers

  • Positioned and tuned for optimum damping
  • Protect air springs from over extension

Fabricated U-Beam Assembly

  • Creates a robust torsion system improving stability
  • Linear roll stiffness improves ride and handling
  • Crimped beam connection eliminates bushings

V-Rod Connection

  • Limits side-to-side suspension shifts during vertical motion; provides predictable handling and stability in sudden road maneuvers
  • Symmetrical design delivers consistent suspension performance and helps improve overall driver confidence


  • Allows for easy axle alignment without shims
  • Reduces maintenance time and helps extend tyre life

Axle Connection

  • D-pin axle connection lowers torsional axle stress for reduced maintenance and increased joint integrity

Air Springs

  • Large volume air springs adjust to changing road conditions for improved ride quality