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Heavy-Duty Front Air Truck Suspension System

The Front Air Assist suspension system offers premium ride comfort comparable to that of a full air suspension in a compact package. Hendrickson’s system features a high wheel cut with tighter turning radius with no spring wind-up or castor change providing excellent
steering and directional stability. An extra-long travel suspension with raise and lower capability provides superior vehicle protection and flexibility in cargo handling.

Suitable for both tractor and rigid truck applications up to 8t capacities in on- and off-highway use.


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Compact Package

  • Allows high wheel cuts and tighter turning circles
  • Fits same frame envelope as mechanical leaf spring system
  • Twin or single air spring arrangement to suit clearances to engine
  • Suitable for both standard and narrow wheel track arrangements
  • Lightweight system with minimal parts
  • Seamless integration with forged I-beam axles


  • Constant ride height for all payload conditions
  • Extra long suspension travel with raise / lower feature
  • Rated for on- and off-highway usage
  • Also suited for twin steer applications with load equalisation


  • Ride comfort comparable to full air system – 1.2Hz ride frequency
  • 85 percent of vertical load reacted by air springs
  • Non-reactive to braking – eliminating leaf-spring wind up
  • Constant castor angle provides enhanced steering behaviour
  • Optimised geometry ensures no bump / torque steer